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1999 Travels May 14

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We got up at a sensible hour, with the help of the alarm, and set off at 9am to drive to Port Augusta. We had things to do that required an urban centre.

We passed through Quorn, which looked a pretty place, and through the Pichi Richi Pass. We will have to explore these places properly, sometime.

We were passed by many Landrovers, going north, for a big Jamboree weekend at Blinman.

When we got into mobile phone range checked the phone and found a message from friend A, from Caramut.

We went to the bank in Port Augusta, to transfer money to pay for the shares John bought. This was the main reason for our visit. I got some photos developed and printed.

Being Friday, we had our fish and chips as lunch.

Went to Coles where I stocked up with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, in particular.

Refuelled Truck – 68cpl. That is a lot cheaper than at Wilpena!

We drove over the main Port Augusta bridge, that takes the highway to the west and north, for old times’ sake. We walked it so many times in 1993, when we were stuck here for the best part of a week, while the Hilux had a broken axle repaired. Then we drove back across it!

On the way back to Hawker, overtook a Defender and an older Landrover County, obviously travelling together, and obviously Landrover aficionados. We talked with them on the CB – they are a husband and wife. Then we talked in person, when we all pulled into the Rest Area at Hawker. They are very experienced travellers – especially her. The Defender was pulling an offroad camper trailer. It was a fun encounter.

In discussion about our next move, as we were going along, we decided to give Arkaroola, in the northern Flinders, a miss this time. We have been there before, and whilst it is well worth visiting again, there is the lure of places we have not yet seen.

Back at Wilpena, I phoned home and asked P to send the mail on to Leigh Creek.

I phoned E and A. They wanted to tell us that they are interested in doing a Simpson Desert crossing with us – but next May/June. I am not sure that will suit us, though. They are going to visit family in Qld this year. E expressed an interest in returning down the Sandover  “Highway” – the unsealed route from NW Qld to Central Australia – as that is one way they haven’t been. I said we’d let them know about all that.

The campground has become very busy – it is a long weekend in SA.

Tea was tinned asparagus soup, some salad, and yoghurt.

We drove 342kms today, essentially just to visit the shops!

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