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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels April 29

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More bowls. We went through the same morning transport routine.

Today they were playing more Pairs.

I went and picked up my photos, and mailed them home, along with a poster we’d gotten from the bowls club that had a good photo of the place. We want that kept at home for us for a keepsake.

Had my hair cut. Checked at the Post Office in case there was mail – nothing. Bought a new battery for my watch. Bought a few food items.

We have decided on our next moves from here, so I phoned Wilpena Pound, in the Flinders Ranges, and booked us into their camping ground for a week.

Read for a couple of hours. Made soup.

Collected John from bowls. He had a better day – they won two of the three games, but did not make the finals. So, he is happier, but is getting tired.

Tea: vegie and barley soup, sausages and gravy and mashed potato.

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