This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels April 28

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John had to be at bowls at 8.30 again, and I took him and kept Truck.

Today was the Pairs event.

I did some final thinking about shares, then phoned my broker, sold some Telstra shares that I thought were a really high price, and bought some in four other companies. I do not want to have all my shares in one basket, so to speak! I retained a respectable number of Telstra ones.

Went to Spotlight to buy some knitting wool to last me for this year’s travels. Got a couple more books from the library. Put film into the shop so I could get copies of the photos of us with the Smith Cup, to send to the offspring.

I went to the Post Office and paid the phone bill.

Collected John from bowls. He was really down. He did not play well and they lost both games.

Tea was pizza from Pizza Hut – they have a special deal going.

I phoned friend J who lives in Loxton. She seemed really thrilled to hear from me. She wanted us to stay there! But we do prefer our independence, and we arranged instead to have tea there on Sunday.

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