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1999 Travels April 21

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We had a sunny day, but with quite a chilly breeze.

Today is daughter V’s birthday – 27.

John was up late on the computer games last night, and so slept in this morning.

I did not want to wake John by starting up Truck, so set out to walk to the nearest small shop for milk that was needed for breakfast. It was about a 6km walk, in all. Good exercise for me, anyway. There were school athletics sports happening on the sports ground that I walked past – once again, I rejoiced that those days are past, for me!

When the hour was respectable, phoned V with birthday wishes. She said she is not feeling too well – is very tired. She has an RDO today – luckily. They may now stay on in Perth until the end of this year’s football season, as her husband is enjoying playing same, plus the groundsman work he is doing. V is contemplating Outdoor Ed work at Margaret River, June-Sept. As seems to be the norm with her, plans are uncertain. They are considering whether to return to Victoria after that, to work, then travel up north next year. An ever changing story!

When John was up and ready, we took a packed lunch and drove out to Hattah Lakes National Park, to the south. Followed the Calder Highway for about 60kms, then took the unsealed Old Calder Highway to the south east. We walked to the Warepil lookout – this country is Mallee scrub, which means dry, sandy soils and low, multi-trunked eucalypt trees. It has its own beauty. We spent some time there, bird spotting, but had few conclusive finds. Just any number of birds that would not stay still for long enough to be identified. Did see a Pacific Heron and a Yellow Billed Spoonbill.

04-21-1999 01 mallee gums at Hattah NP.jpg

Mallee eucalypt trees

04-21-1999 02 hattah np.jpg

A spinifex grass ring

We went to the Park Information Centre.

Then, had a late lunch by Hattah Lake. We walked around the Lake, spotting water birds. The Hattah Lakes are freshwater lakes, that basically fill when there is a flood overflow from the Murray River. There were many dead carp at one end of the Lake – the direction the wind was blowing from as we walked! Phew. We saw emus coming down to the water to drink.

04-21-1999 04 hattah lake dead fish emus.jpg

John amongst the dead fish at Hattah Lake. Emus drinking in the distance

It was a great afternoon. I loved being in the bush. We hardly saw anyone else all day.

Refuelled Truck in Hattah – hadn’t realized how far we’d go today and how low the fuel was! 76cpl.

04-21-1999 hattah location.JPG

The locatin of the Hattah Lakes. The broken line in the NSW/Vic border, along the Murray River.

Drove back to Mildura via the Calder Highway. We promised ourselves to go back another day and do more there. We drove 165kms.

For tea, I cooked fish and French fries, and made a salad. Had soup first and stewed guavas after.

The forecast is for one degree tonight! We had to put the electric fan heater on – it was really cold once the sun went down.

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