This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels April 20

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The day began sunny, but some cloud came in and it got a bit colder.

We washed and polished Truck in the morning.

I extended our booking here for another week. We will be on the $14.40 rate.

John went to bowls in the afternoon. I kept Truck and did some shopping – some new knitting needles at Target, and some postcards. I think the heat of the tropics must make the plastic knitting needles very brittle, because I have recently snapped a couple of needles. Because I really like to knit as we are driving distances, to help keep awake, I have decided to start knitting children’s and baby clothes. If these are not needed at some future date by family members, they can be given to charity.

Back at the van, I made soup and stewed the guavas that came from home.

I went to the Bowls Club at 5pm, and sat outside and read and waited for John. He was happy with his game. They did well, but did not win the chooks.

Tea was the soup – vegetable and barley. Then pork fillet BBQ style, and rice. Also very nice. Had honeydew melon to end.

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