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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels March 28

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Today was moving day for the van. We had to pack everything up from scratch, as we’d had no time to prepare yesterday. As there had been much rain yesterday and through the night – the aftermath of the cyclone still – everything was wet. Later, at home, we spread the awning roof on the lawn to dry, and put out the table and chairs to do so, as well.

Drove home and had no problems parking the van in its old spot along the edge of the driveway.

As we were doing so, noticed that there was coolant coming out from under Truck. We were not sure if it was overheating, or if it was because of the slope on the driveway. John decided Landrover had overfilled it, and rang them to complain, but they said they do not touch the coolant on this service. Oh-oh! Could be ominous.

P had commenced her leave from work as of today, so she was getting final wedding things organized.

K drove to Tullamarine to collect his father and family who had flown in from Brisbane.

In the afternoon, I picked up my suit from the cleaners – it looks good.

We visited the motel in Lilydale where members of K’s family are staying, in order to see his Adelaide grandparents, who we have not seen since 1996. They seem to be ageing well.

P and K went out for a counter tea with the family. We opted for fish and chips, at the van. Much better! We have eaten at the chosen hotel before, and it was very forgettable.

It seems rather strange to be sleeping in the van in our own driveway. On rather a lean, too, but at least our heads are uphill!

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