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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels March 24

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The day was pleasantly warm.

We drove to our home. There, K and John pruned the cypress tree by the pool.

After lunch – a cut one we took with us – the three of us went bowling. K seemed to enjoy his bowls – he won!

John and I then walked around the Lilydale Lake.

I also extracted the suit I want to wear to the wedding from the wardrobe at home, and took it to the dry cleaners, to have it freshened up.

Back at the van, tea was a very tough rabbit, bought from the butcher in Healesville. I perhaps did not have time enough to cook it as long as I would have liked, but don’t think any amount of cooking would have redeemed that one!

There was a letter for us today, in the mail at home, from our friends at the Wonga Beach Caravan Park. They survived the cyclone earlier in the year, with no issues for them (they have much of their gear packed into a shipping container they bought after we left there). But most of the tree and palm canopy finished up on the ground. They write that the place seems very open now, but they hope it will quickly recover. It was pleasing to hear from them.

The night was extremely windy. This was the aftermath of Cyclone Vance, that severely damaged Exmouth when it came onshore, and since has rapidly moved south east across the country as a high wind system.

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