This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels March 23

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After breakfast, I drove to the shops to get food for lunch – some salads, ham, salmon, bread, fruit.

V arrived mid morning. She looks well. I gave her the vest that I’d made her for Xmas, which may now be on the small side, but she seems to like it. We looked at her trip photos and, over lunch, heard all about the truck driving course she did last year, and their travels and time working at Hamelin Pool. She seems to be enjoying the wardrobe work at the Casino. After summer, they will resume their travels north again.

V had to leave mid afternoon, to drive to Frankston to collect B from visiting his sister. They have the loan of his father’s car.

It was a good, positive, visit. V seems happy.

Later in the afternoon, John drove to our doctor’s, where he had an appointment for a check up and to get some skin patches cut off again. Our doctor took a blood test, the results of which will come next week.

Tea was leftovers from lunch, preceded by soup.

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