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1999 Travels April 13

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We got away well, at 10.30am. P and K watched us hitch up the van and were amazed at how easy it was – this time! Sad goodbyes were said to all pets. P and K were probably happy to see us go – they are in charge again!

P had asked to borrow all my photos of their wedding, with negatives, and also the ones that R had given us – so she and her mother could get copies of the ones they like. So I left all that with her, and with instructions that, when they were done with them, to put the lot on the bed in our room. In the event, I never did get any back, and so ended up with no photos of son’s wedding, apart from one that was on the tail end of the previous roll of film.

We travelled through the city and out the Calder Freeway. It was a relatively easy run.

At Harcourt John pulled over at a roadside stall and bought $10 worth of apples. It reminds him of “old times” when he used to live in the area and regularly bought Harcourt apples.

Once we got out of Melbourne, it began to feel warmer, and it was a great day, north of Bendigo.

We stopped at Serpentine and ate our packed lunch.

It is back into caravan parks again! We booked into the Kerang Caravan Park, for $13. We were able to stay hitched up. It was clean and on the edge of the Loddon River.

We spotted  new birds  near the river, at the caravan park – a mulga parrot, and a Red rumped parrot.

There is a decent looking bowls club at Kerang. They have big Easter and spring bowls carnivals – which John noted for future reference!

For tea I made an Asian style vegetable stir fry, with rice.

It is excellent to be on the move again


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