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1999 Travels April 12

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I took Butch to the vet at 8.30am. She was not a happy dog and tried to bite the man!

We worked around the house, and packed up the van. John fixed a broken fence rail and veranda post. He took Truck to refuel – 67cpl.

We gave the flat tenant a bottle of champagne, with thanks for looking after the unit so well. He admitted that our cats spent quite a bit of time in there!

I feel sad and guilty all over again that we are leaving the pets once more. They have gotten a bit used to having us back.

04-04-1999 Butch & Fox ready for supper.jpg

I picked up Butch at 6pm. She was much brighter and stronger than I expected. Ate her tea with no problems. That is a relief. But I do wish that she did not have to put up with P’s little dog, who annoys her quite a bit.

Our tea was tinned tomato soup and frittata that R brought for us on Saturday.

Now that we know dog is fine, we have decided to head off tomorrow, and go to Kerang. I am all “socialled” out – and not in the mood for seeing or visiting anyone else!

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