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1999 Travels January 12

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We were rather reluctant to use the loan vehicle, in case we damaged it!

Walked to the KMart Plaza. There, went to our bank, to transfer the money to our cheque account, that is our wedding present for P and K. Browsed in Mega Books and I bought a book on Hardanger. We purchased a Brumby’s focaccia bread and ate it as we walked around, for lunch.

Went to Video-Ezy, at the local shopping centre, paid a $20 deposit, then rented a video for $2.50. We will get the deposit back, when videos returned, so it is a cheap way of obtaining same to watch.

Bought a nice card and then mailed the cheque to K.

Walked back to the van. It was a fair walk, in all; probably about 7kms.

Then, I pickled some onions we’d bought yesterday. John has a hankering for home done ones. Made barley and vegetable soup, using the lamb stock.

John felt like doing some cooking, so he made pasties, which we had for tea, with the soup.

I phoned K to let him know the cheque was in the mail. He had news that he has been promoted at work, to Reservations Supervisor. I asked him to send the next lot of mail to Stanthorpe, which will be our next destination – not sure for how long, though. There seem to be some interesting National Parks not far from it, so it will, we hope, be a good base for a little while.

Watched the video we’d hired – Good Will Hunting. It was very good.

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