This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels January 11

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We had to get up early – alarm again – in order to take Truck to Flohr Motors for its scheduled work. I admit to some “separation anxiety”, leaving Truck behind for surgery to its roof!

We were lent a replacement vehicle – a utility style Defender 110 that has only done 500kms. It is good that we are not without wheels. However, this style of vehicle has definite drawbacks. The groceries I bought had to sit out in the full sun, in the tray back, and thus the shopping was not secure, either, for us to go anywhere else and leave it all in full view of passers by. I wonder if this is why farmers always have dogs chained on their ute tray? Might not help much with meat, though!

01-11-1999 Defender on loan.jpg

Our borrowed Defender

Back at the van, John played computer games and I sewed, then he watched the one day cricket on TV.

I boiled lamb shanks for tea – it is a favorite  meal, and I use the stock thus generated to make soup, next day.

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