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1998 Travels December 25

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Xmas Day! Our first away from home.

It rained, on and off, but was warm and rather humid feeling.

I cooked a small duck, and a chicken, for lunch, in the electric frypan, outside the van. I got a bit held up by family phone calls – spoke with John’s brothers  R and C, daughters R and V. The latter is very happy with the geode, from Atherton, that we sent her.

Our Xmas roast poultry lunch was most enjoyable, though not until 2pm.

After lunch, walked to the Japanese gardens – about a 4km walk in total. The Gardens are lovely. I have seen some small Japanese sections in gardens before, but have not been in anything of this scale. It was very interesting, wandering about through the different perspectives, and trying to work out the symbolism. Water is so integral to the design. There was even a goose swimming serenely about, but I don’t think that was part of the original design.

01-06-1999 Japanese Gardens scene.jpg

In the Japanese Gardens at Toowoomba

Tea was cold poultry and salad.

I phoned P and K after tea. They are happy with their gifts.

John played his new computer game until very late.

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