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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1998 Travels December 24

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It was raining when we woke up, but not cold.

Xmas Eve seems very different, without the large family gathering that has been the routine, to plan for. But it is nice to be so relaxed, instead of racing around the crowded shops buying the last minute perishables, as I would have been doing at home. Even if we were home, the group would be smaller, as V is in WA and S in Port Moresby.

I did a final, quick, shop for last minute items for the holiday period.

Checked at the Post Office – the mail we were expecting has not arrived. This may be due to the Xmas mail volume, or K may have been delayed sending it.

After lunch, we both went to bowls. There were showers and one big rain interruption, but we managed to play 18 ends. I had difficulties with length and sometimes with width – and did not enjoy the afternoon at all.

Tea was chicken cacciatore.

I tried to phone friend TB; according to his last letter, he should be at his mother’s, in northern NSW, by now, for Xmas. But there was no answer.

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