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1998 Travels October 23

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Got ourselves up at 6.30am. Managed a quick and efficient pack up and were on our way at 7.40. The heat is an efficient motivator! We wanted to get the bulk of today’s travel completed before the worst of the day’s heat. We were retracing the way we’d come from Cairns, just over two weeks ago, so knew what the trip would be like.

After the experience on the way here, I took extra care in packing the inside of the van.

We stopped in Georgetown at 8.10, to put the weight distribution bars on. Reached Mt Surprise at 9.40, so we were not dawdling!  Bought fuel there – still 76cpl. Also bought a cold can of soft drink each.

John seemed quite relaxed with the van towing, and was doing 100kmh in parts between Forty Mile Scrub and Ravenshoe. Even the steep, hilly, winding sections between Ravenshoe and Atherton did not seem to have him at all concerned. So I find that I am not getting so tense on towing days. It is all good practice, and we really are getting better at this travel with the van. Though I find 100kmh seems a bit too fast, with the van on!

Noticed a definite greening of the grass and trees, after Mt Surprise, from the recent rains.

The roads are still fine for travel, though there were some sloppy patches in the red dirt of the shoulders, in places.

Went into the Woodlands Caravan Park in Atherton. This looks very pleasant and we envisage staying for at least a week. It is costing $15 a night, but with the seventh night free, so we are still under the accommodation amount budgeted for.

There is a lot of lush, tropical vegetation around, so the park has quite a “bushy” atmosphere. There is a lovely looking pool, too. The park has a few permanently roofed shelters for vans – I guess for those who are here in the wet season. Our site has a cement annexe slab, which will be good if it rains, as is likely.

Set up, then had a very late lunch at 3pm.

Drove to the shopping centre to stock up on fresh foods. Atherton has quite an adequate range of shops. We bought $66 worth of groceries, some beer and wine, a $12 hat for John as he’s mislaid his everyday one. Collected a new supply of his Cartia aspirin from a chemist. To newsagent for a card for John’s niece’s wedding; I bought a caravan magazine that had a photo of the latest Trakmaster on the front cover – and a big feature coverage inside. It has air bag suspension. Seems like the brand is rapidly gaining a substantial reputation – which pleases us as it is always flattering to have one’s choices validated!

John was very anxious to check out what games were on offer at the Bowls Club – of course! He arranged for us to play on Saturday. I have really enjoyed my break from bowls obligations, but here we go again! I must study up on walks around Atherton……

The green all round the place is a refreshing change after the dry browns and bare ground where we have been.

11-24-1998 campsite atherton.jpg

Our Atherton camp site – back in green country

Bought fish and chips for tea, being Friday. They were very nice.

The TV reception here is excellent, which pleases John no end, after his frustration with the services inland.

I got really tired part way through watching “Morse” on TV and went to bed.

It is very pleasant to feel cool again! We needed a sheet to sleep under…….

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