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1998 Travels October 22

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We had a quiet day in the heat.

John showed Nellie his Quicken computer program, because she was interested in it. He has realised that he has a virus in his laptop which affects scrolling. He is sure he got it from the Mt Surprise school – it was probably unwise to be transferring discs between their system and his.

During the morning John saw a snake coming across the grounds – he was alerted to it by birds swooping and making a noise. Bruce came and killed it – a red bellied black snake, about a metre long. Later in the day, Nellie found a dead yellow bellied brown snake near the house and thinks the dog may have killed it. She said they have had a lot of snakes this year – already!

When it cooled, later in the day, we went walking around town. In the recreation area, took a photo of an ant hill decorated as a cricketer. It kind of sums up this place!

10-22-1998 sports ground Forsayth.jpg

Forsayth recreation ground

Found out that the big Kidston gold mine, of which we have heard, is SE of here.

In the late afternoon, packed up the awning and took down the shadecloth that John had put up at the back of the van to screen it from the sun.

During the day, John investigated the possible agate rocks we’d brought back yesterday – they were not agates!

Cloud built up during the afternoon. We are becoming used to this being almost a daily event. We sat outside, from about 6pm, and watched the clouds build – it was a good, dramatic show. Bruce claimed that they were “empty” clouds – but there was thunder, lightning and then it rained from about 7pm on. The power went out for nearly two hours. It is great to have our independent 12v lights on such occasions.

The rain cooled the evening down, somewhat. But it brought out lots of huge cane toads, from somewhere.

We are the only ones in the caravan park tonight. The previous nights we have had couples next to us, and a group of railway workers nearby, but the railway men have gone to Karumba for a few days and the other campers have moved on. So it is very quiet here. Nellie has three guests in the home stay, from the train – and she was cooking a dinner of soup, roast chook and apple pie for them. In this heat!

Had I still been in my old job, tonight I would have been dealing with Year 12 students intent on marking their last day of classes – I am SO glad to be here in downtown Forsayth instead!

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