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1998 Travels August 26

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It is sooo good to sleep on the van bed again, after so long on the lilo. Bliss.

I phoned the Cairns dentist and made an appointment – for a week away. The toothache has been a bother for much of the Cape trip, despite painkillers and toothache remedy. Corrugated roads and toothache are not a good combination! Still – it lasted the distance as only an ache that came and went, so could have been worse.

08-26-1998 Wonga Beach.jpg

On the beach at Wonga – looking south

I did washing – 2 loads, that included sheets and towels from the trip. Our sheets are the old fashioned flat ones, carried for use with the lilo, as the fitted sheet sets we use in the van don’t suit. The doona cover needed a wash too.

Did a bit more packing, and relaxed.

Sorted the mail that had come here in our absence – mostly ordinary stuff, but there were letters from V and a former colleague – nice to receive.

08-27-1998 from Wonga looking north to Daintree.jpg

On the beach at Wonga – looking north towards the mouth of the Daintree River

I made roti breads for lunch, and corn and crab cakes for an early tea, as John booked us in to Mossman for bowls tonight. He must get straight back into it – having been deprived of a bowls fix since Weipa.

We left a bit early for Mossman, so I could get a few groceries on the way and got to bowls at 6pm, in light rain. About 7.30pm, they decided not to start the bowls at all, due to the continuing rain. In the meantime, they’d all had a lovely social time, drinking. Waste of time and effort as far as I was concerned – I was not very happy about it.

We were told that Dengue Fever is still a major concern in this region. There have been over a thousand cases this year. Nearby Port Douglas has had a high number of cases.

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