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1998 Travels August 25

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We had an excellent pack up – considering we were in the big tent, and nothing was done for it yesterday.

It was a straightforward drive down the Bloomfield Track, which seems quite familiar now. The surface was a bit sloppy in places, due to local rain over the past couple of days, but nothing that worried us. It was back over the Daintree on the ferry for $7 and back to Wonga Beach.

John’s leg was sore after this drive – he thinks lots of downhill work, using brake and clutch, affects it.

It was very nice to be reunited with the van again. It is nearly nine weeks since we left for parts north. It is cleaner than I expected it to be, and there were no bugs inside. I am SO glad we came back for those eggs though!

Had to put the tow and hitch apparatus back onto Truck before we could shift the van, and take things that might move around out of the van first – especially the bikes.

We moved the van onto T’s “best” site, with a slab and beach frontage – the beach is ten steps away, through some palms. The way we parked on site, meant we looked from the awning area outside, towards the sea. Lovely!

09-07-1998 van at wonga.jpg

Our new site at Wonga – the beach is just the other side of the palms.

We are paying $13 a night, with every 7th night free. T only charged us $70 for the van storage – really cheap and so good of him to mind it.

It was a big job to transfer our gear and repack it in the van and Truck. We were exhausted by the end of the day, and hadn’t finished it all.

Tea was bacon, eggs and fries.

Thus ends the Cape trip – our first great achievement in retirement. Two months and not one flat tyre! Truck speedo now reads 44,687kms. So we did 4,711kms on the Cape trip.

Overall, there was much that was a great adventure, and so different from anything we’ve done before. But we encountered so much that was second-rate, dirty, broken down, neglected. The rubbish in so many places, from both travellers and locals, was impossible to ignore. So many long lengths of roadsides strewn with beer bottles is an unpleasant memory; so too the packs of neglected, ugly dogs in the settlements. I guess the Cape is a place of great contrasts.

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