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1998 Travels May 31

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The rain was not as heavy, this morning.

We went to the Mission Beach Markets, which happen once a month. They were pretty ordinary, maybe due to the weather? There was much mud in the market area of the recreation ground. I bought assorted fruit and vegetables, and some frozen salmon and prawns. Spent $25 in all.

After lunch, drove around, having a look at the very spread-out townships. At Wongaling Beach jetty we watched the Quick Cat getting ready to take a bus group to Dunk Island, rocking ferociously. Other boat cruises have been cancelled due to a strong wind warning.

Had a look at other caravan parks at Wongaling and at South Mission Beach – both of which have almost beachfront locations. But I think ours is the nicest, with its superb gardens, lush green lawns and overall neatness.

This area is the most low key of the “tourist” destinations we have stayed at, to date. There is very little of the “development” of places like Noosa, or even Airlie Beach. I really like its backwater atmosphere – the buildings are all single storey, and kind of ramshackle. Hope it doesn’t get “developed” in the future.

Back at the van, John used the radio to phone S, who expects to know in about a week if she has received an overseas posting. He called brother C, who said that their nephew M is travelling in these parts, somewhere; he will find out and John will call him later in the week. I think C gets a real buzz out of the radphone conversations!

I phoned V, who is now staying with grandparents at Elizabeth, in SA. She and husband passed their truck driving courses, at Shepparton. They plan to leave in another week or so, for WA. She told me that she had excellent reports on her work with the Outdoor Education company, and that their staff were competing with each other to get her on their camps! She hopes to do a Wilderness First Aid course in WA and then she can lead groups. She also got a commendable grade on her first TAFE assignment. So that was all good news.

Tea was pasta with a garlic crumb topping. Different, but excellent.

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