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1998 Travels May 30

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It drizzled off and on through the day, skies were grey and it seemed a bit misty, which was probably due to the saturated air.

I was able to buy the Australian and spent some time reading it. I made focaccia  bread for lunch, which turned out very well.

After lunch, we did two walks. Drove firstly to the car park for the 1.3kms Licuala Palms circuit walk, just off the road back to Tully. The walking track was on very waterlogged ground. It features the Licuala fan palms, obviously – very photogenic plants that grow mostly where the ground is wet for much of the year. Yep, it is that.

05-30-1998 04 licuala palms mission beach.jpg

Licuala or Fan Palms – seen from below

05-30-1998 02 Licuala Palms walk track Mission Beach.jpg

The Licuala Palms walking track through the forest

We kept a sharp lookout, hoping to see a cassowary, as they love the fruits of this palm, and so are in the area. We saw where one had been – cassowary poo is very distinctive! But no bird, despite all our peering about. Then, as we were driving along the track from the car park to the road, there was one ambling along in front of us! Unfortunately, it was being pursued by two female backpackers, intent on getting photos of it, and last seen following the bird into the bush. They were risking getting cassowary kicked, which – according to the literature – is a major health hazard. They are very big birds – emu size or more. Reputed to have a very small brain and a very bad temper! Apparently, they are at risk of being hit by cars, because they wander across roads – hence the warning road signs around the area.

05-30-1998 05 rainforest tree buttresses.jpg

Extensive buttress root system on a rainforest tree

Drove back around and out the El Arish road a little way, to the car park for the Lacey Creek walk. This 1.5km walk through the rainforest is supposed to be an excellent one for seeing cassowaries. It features interpretative signs and a kind of cassowary arboretum area, which were interesting. It was a lovely walk through the forest, albeit damp, but no big birds were seen. However, there were lots of little mosquitoes!


Interpretative display at the Lacey Creek walk start

Tea was tempeh stir fry and rice – good.

We have ants in the van. I guess, in this weather, they head for anywhere dry they can find. I bought some ant rid this morning and have put some, on pieces of foil, on the benches.

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