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1998 Travels April 22

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Yesterday, John phoned his sister, M, who lives at Palmwoods, and it was arranged that we go there for lunch today.

We set off after a leisurely start to the morning. Refuelled – 64 cpl. Bought an iced bun to take as a small gift.

Visited the Ginger Factory at Yandina, en route. This is a big tourist complex, getting heaps of visitors. The whole ginger growing and producing process is quite interesting. One could watch parts of the factory at work. We did not have long enough to look at it all, so decided to return another day. It really needs a couple of hours and we only had 30 minutes!

The foray onto the western side of the Bruce Highway made us interested in exploring that foothills area further, on another day.

M’s husband and son were there for lunch as well – one retired and the other does not work. There were some quite fascinating PNG artefacts in their home, from the time they spent living in the PNG Highlands.

B went out and brought back a couple of large meat pies, for lunch. John’s eyes lit up!

We talked with M for a couple of hours after lunch, mostly about her recollections of the family dynamics and the time when J was born. She is much older than him, and was grown up and working by then.

We inspected the room where her son does his inventing, which is his full time occupation. Hmmm…. not impressed.

Met the tame butcher birds which came and warbled on the back verandah, and were fed some meat for their efforts – they are just beautiful.

I was pleased that we made the effort to arrange this visit. M was so happy to have us there, and she and John got to relate in a way they never have before.

By late afternoon, back at the van, I was not feeling so well. Reheated cooked meat does not agree with me, and I knew at the time the lunch pie would not sit well. I made John macaroni cheese for tea, and I had a little soup.

A sing song at a van near us was led by a guitarist who is a regular nomad but who comes from the Kimberley. I think he was featured on the Grey Nomad program, performing at a Karumba caravan park.

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