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1998 Travels April 21

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Today is daughter’s 26th birthday. She is now as old as I was when I had her, so she has been around for half my life! While John slept in, I finished a letter to her.

After John got up and had breakfast, we talked to the neighbours for a while. They gave me a tip for cooking fish – baste with a mixture of lemon juice, honey and rosemary.

John wanted to suss out bowls, so I got him to drop me off at the book exchange in Tewantin. I got five books there, which cost $20, plus the four I took in to exchange. My reading rate is pretty slow, these days, for me. This is only the second book exchange I have visited in nearly four months.

There is a bowls supplies shop near the book exchange. I went in there to buy some footlets. Then John came in. He ordered name badges for us, as I am always being queried about not having one, and he wants a new one. They will not be ready until Friday, at the earliest, so we decided on the spot to stay here another week. It is easy to make decisions like that when not on time limits and when caravan parks are cheaper by the week! Then I lashed out and bought myself a pair of cotton knit bowls shorts, matching polo shirt, and a plastic rain jacket, together costing $114. Shorts are legal bowls wear in Qld, which is nowhere near as conservative as Victoria – and so I will be much more comfortable than in the dress regalia.

We raced back to the van and had a quick lunch. I booked us in for another week, finding that we are out of discount and the price has risen, so we are now paying $17 a night. Tried to phone daughter but her phone is disconnected.

We went off to bowls at Noosa Tewantin Club, for a Mixed 4’s event. It was a special day to farewell someone, which meant boring speeches mixed in with the bowls, but also an extra nice afternoon tea! John and I played on opposing teams and the game was drawn. John played well; I did not. The new clothes are really comfy – I love them, but they have no pockets, which is a serious oversight in bowls gear, where things like chalk need to be carried.

Shopped for some groceries for tea – a mixed grill, cooked in the electric frypan. Steak, sausages, bacon, rolls; John had an egg with his. I made some salad. It was very nice. Dessert was custard apple.

We have eaten the last of the sausage rolls for lunch over the last couple of days. John tells me he prefers them cold, which I did not previously know.

After tea, I wrote some postcards, then phoned K and got a new mobile phone number for daughter. Phoned her. She was just “home” at the station wagon they are camping in, having been out for a Tex-Mex restaurant tea. She had a pleasant birthday – slept in, then did school work (she is doing some TAFE distance ed business/office work course units, begun while B is working).  She said she will buy herself some jeans with the money we sent. I was so glad I was able to make contact with her today.

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