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1998 Travels February 27

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Cooler today – last night’s storms have cooled things off.

Drove towards the city to drop S off at her mother’s place. S had to sit on the one remaining back seat,  which meant we had to unpack the stuff that usually travels on it and in the footwell.

John had an appointment to see his physician, at Knox Hospital. He does not have the vital test results yet. Bugger! However, he is happy with the way John seems to have recovered from the clots in his lungs, although the worst affected lung will never be quite normal, it seems. John is to phone in another two weeks for the test results. This could create some problems if he has to go back on Warfarin, but guess we will worry about that if it happens. John is convinced there is nothing wrong with his blood.

We called in at H and R’s place for John to collect his new laptop – a Twinhead, scanner and the digital camera he had coveted. Getting them through R was the most economic way, but they still cost over $4000. Still, it was money he had earned.  Now he has all the gadgets he wants – for the moment!

We went to the bowls club, so John could practice his bowls for an hour and a half. I sat in Truck and read.

Went home to drop off some more things we’d culled from what we started out with. Included in the cull has been the chainsaw that John thought we should take, and which he had stored in the front boot of the van. Now, he feels the extra weight is really not worth the slight chance we might need it. We are quite sure now that the ball weight of the van on Truck is substantially less than when we started out.

Saw the pets again. Not sure what dog makes of the coming and goings. I feel bad every time.

Back at the caravan park, I phoned our broker and put in orders for more shares that I’d decided were worth having – a mix of good dividend payers and ones I am speculating will rise in price so I can sell them and make a profit.

Tea was fish and chips, from a different shop this time, and not so greasy.

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