This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1998 Travels February 26

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It was a very hot and windy day. Bushfire weather in these parts.

John went to the skin specialist, who burnt keratoses off his hands, nose and forehead. He then collected his elder daughter, who had been staying at her mother’s place, and brought her back to Healesville.

While he was away, I made the necessary phone calls to arrange the purchase of some shares I wanted.

We looked at S’s photos and heard her stories about her recent overseas posting connected with her Foreign Affairs work. Sounded really “different” and a great experience for her.

We put up the full canvas annexe outside the van, for the first time, to make a “room” for S to sleep in. It all works! Moreover, it was pretty straightforward to put up. Her bed is the fold up banana lounge that John insisted we carry with us, for eventual lazing on a beach somewhere……..

I made a creamy chicken and mango salad for tea. It was delicious.

There was a massive lightning display, after dark, and then some rain – the culmination of this run of hot days, I think. It is this sort of thing that starts bushfires in these parts – and I certainly would not want to be here if there was a fire in the area.

At least we established that the annexe is waterproof!

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