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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1998 Travels February 1

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We were up at a reasonable hour, to get a few things done before driving to Mt Gambier for bowls.

John did the ironing, in the caravan park laundry, using our iron. I polished both our sets of bowls – might as well look the part!

Today is a total fire ban day and it got really hot, from about midday on. The temperature got to 39 degrees at Mt Gambier, and there was a hot north wind blowing.

We bought a pull apart loaf in Mt Gambier and went to a park to eat that for lunch. I had allowed enough time before bowls to stock up on some food supplies, but supermarkets are not open on Sundays, in SA. There went that plan!

Bowls started at 1pm. It was very hot out on the open greens – and humid too. The conditions were really too poor to enjoy the day. The hot wind gusts increased through the afternoon and made it even harder to play well. John’s leg started hurting quite badly, part way through the afternoon, and put him off his game. I played erratically, as I usually do. We lost both games, but enjoyed the company of the people we played with.

I think I was rather dehydrated by the end of the day.

Tea was steak and salad, followed by stewed figs and ice cream.

Phoned son. I had to drive down to the village to do it. The phone here at the campground only takes cards – and the new ones at that – which we do not have. Asked him to forward mail to Portland.

A check of our expenditure to date shows that we are keeping within the $200 a week for food and extras  –  just. We are well under budget on fuel expenditure and also under on our caravan park spending. So far, so good.

At least it cooled down at night, so we could sleep, even though it is total fire ban again tomorrow.

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