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1998 Travels January 31

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Drove to the store for the paper, and John bought some bait prawns.

After an early lunch, drove towards Port McDonnell because John wanted to go fishing. For some reason, he is not interested in trying to fish in the river around here.

We retraced the way we’d come home on Thursday, and went to where Eight Mile Creek opens onto a little beach. We both fished there, for a while. There was a lot of weed that kept snagging on the lines – very annoying. I caught a toadfish – hope it is not an omen that the first fish of this trip is one of those!

We gave up there, and moved on to Port McDonnell. Spent some time walking out along the Breakwater and watching other people fish there. It seemed to be very weedy and rocky bottomed.

Eventually, John tried some fishing off the Breakwater approach, where some people were catching small mullet. He had no bites! I happily read the weekend Age, in Truck.

And thus the afternoon passed. We decided to have an early tea – fish and chips – at Port McDonnell. We ate these overlooking the marina area – watching all the small boats with people trying unsuccessfully to catch fish!

Back at the van, John spent some time trying to master the HF radio. He actually got through to the Sydney operator and got in an operator connected “phone” call to K and P – but it was an anti-climax because they were not home!

02-04-1998 Nelson camp.jpg

Our large and bushy site at Nelson

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