This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.


2007 Travels September 30


We took our time getting organized and away.

I was dreading trying to link up Truck and van on the backwards  sloping driveway. John would have to be really accurate in his backing – meaning me in directing same! The van had to stay chocked so there was no capacity for moving it in any direction to “fine tune” the match up. If John backed a little too far van would be pushed back on chocks. Much potential for things to go wrong – and with an audience!

In the event it all went beautifully. John did a perfect backing display, especially considering that for the last little bit he was trying to move Truck back a cm at a time! Much relief!

The way home was the usual – Heathcote, Seymour, Yea, Lilydale.

We got the van backed into its parking bay – uphill this time – and unhitched.

Our sitters had prepared a hot lunch to welcome us home, which we enjoyed with them. What a lovely thoughtful gesture. They were such pleasant people and very organized, thoughtful  and efficient house minders. The place was immaculate. No wonder they were in such demand, and booked up so far ahead. We were lucky to have managed to book them again, for next year – but three months was all they could manage for us, between other bookings.

After lunch, they departed and we were left to make a start on the unpacking and van cleaning.

The house always seemed so huge, after months in the van.

Statistics for 2007 trip:

* Kms travelled:    17,702kms

* Cost of diesel:   $3851.89

* Dearest diesel:  $2.29cpl  Kalumburu

* Cheapest diesel:  $1.25cpl  Bendigo

* Accommodation cost:  $3199.15

* Accommodation discounts gained:  $46.25

* Dearest accommodation per night:  36.50 – Broome

* Cheapest paid accommodation per night: $6.60 –  NT National Parks

* Number of different places stayed at:  42



2004 Travels September 20


It was the usual run down the Hume to Seymour, then the “back way” home via Yea.

Resize of 09-20-2004 to home

House sitter L had already left, this morning, en route back to NSW. The house seemed strangely empty, without her living in the three back rooms. She had been with us for three years. It was rather like losing a family member.

Adding to the sense of emptiness was the absence of the old grey cat. The surviving cat – himself getting very old at 15 – greeted us very happily.

Now it was the chore of unpacking – and getting rid of a lot of central desert dust from Truck. That vehicle by now, must have contained particles from all over the country, secreted in its nooks and crannies.

Resize of 09-21-2004 01  dusty truck interior.JPG

What was left after unpacking Truck……

Resize of 09-21-2004 02 getting rid of the desert.jpg

Blowing out Truck!

It had been a good trip, overall, except for the long stages towards the end. Returning to just travelling, rather than travel and working, was a nice change.

We were away just a week short of six months.

In the months following the trip, there was no definitive outcome of the health issues that had affected John in Perth. In December, a molar tooth was extracted, which seemed to reduce the facial swelling somewhat, but not totally. He still occasionally had strange ear noises. His own doctor had no answers, but as John was feeling fine, was not inclined to pursue things any further. It remained a bit of a mystery.

By December, I was losing a third blackened toenail – legacy of our walk on Mt Augustus!


Statistics for 2004 trip:

* Kms travelled:    23,487kms

* Kms van towed:   16,761kms

* Cost of diesel:  $3556.77

* Average fuel consumption:  7.3 kms per litre used

* Dearest diesel:  $1.50 cpl – Tjukayirla and Warakurna Roadhouses

* Cheapest diesel:  94cpl – Mildura

* Accommodation cost:  $3053.80

* Accommodation discounts gained: $197.05

* Dearest accommodation per night:  $31 – Yulara Caravan Park

* Cheapest accommodation per night: $5 per person – various WA National Parks

* Number of different places stayed at:  42

* Longest stay in one place: Carnarvon – 15 nights