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1999 Travels March 29


The van was to go to Trakmaster today. We had no problems hitching it up to Truck, in the driveway – unlike the day, over a year ago, when we left from here! It will be there for two days. The brake linings need replacing, which was a bit of a surprise. They are bracing the fridge in place. The main item is that we are having a solar panel installed on the roof. The van was wired for this, when being built, so it should be a straightforward operation.

The fridge is back, there. Apparently, there was nothing wrong with it, after all. The switch in the van, where we can turn it on or off, had broken, so that is being replaced. I think the fridge man was rather dumb not to have checked out something that simple, before he took the thing away with him! Apparently, he has kept it closed – all this time – and it really stinks inside. How stupid is that? This is also the man who does the solar power – hope he is more competent with that……..

While John was gone, I cleaned the house oven – which took ages – then did some gardening.

John also took the annexe roof to the canvas place in Ringwood, to repair a small tear that happened one day, in wind.

Tea was steak, mushrooms and salad.

The house TV screen seems so large, after the van one!

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1998 Travels August 16


There was some rain in the early hours and through the morning. That only made it more humid. The sea looks so attractive – but such unattractive things live in it, as deterrents.

08-15-1998 sunrise punsand.jpg

Another early morning at Punsand

We relaxed some more.

Have been discussing where we go next. John is determined to go to a place he found in my guide book that is really off the beaten track. After the Vrilya experience, I am not so keen, but suspect he will get his way.

Drove up to the office to get the other gas bottle refilled – $25.

Saw travellers there with a Trakmaster van similar to ours. It is very rare to see a caravan of any sort up in these parts. Chatted with them for a while. They bought their van the same time we did – had met them in the factory last November. The van travelled up here fine, but some of the plastic cupboard door catches had broken. Still, the fact that the van did this trip and this is the only issue, reassures us about the solidity of ours – these roads are killers! They came across the Frenchmans Track from Chilli Beach, with it – said the Pascoe River crossing was very hard. They also travelled the lower part of the OTL Track, but pulled off north of Eliot Falls, as we did. But I think they are crazy to bring their van up here, at all. Maybe they do not have the long term vision of van use that we do – want ours to really last!

Tea was a stir fry. Had to break out the tofu – much to John’s disgust. Tofu, vegie and ginger stir fry. I thought it was alright. John didn’t comment!