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2000 Travels May 21


Today was S’s birthday, so John tried to phone her, but no one home.

We went back to the Hall of Fame and spent the rest of the morning there. It was just SO good!

05-21-2000 memorial window.jpg

Memorial stained glass window. John is beside it, for scale. Settler’s hut below.

Some of the twentieth century displays covered things like wheat harvesting with the big horse teams – dad would have loved to see this place because it dealt with the life he lived. His early jobs, in Tasmania, involved working with horses. For several years, he travelled annually, to the area around Balranald, in southern NSW, where his employer ran teams of horses pulling the wheat harvesters.

05-20-2000 hawkers coach.jpg

Travelling hawker’s wagon; they brought goods to remote settlers

After lunch, we drove out to the west of town, to the Thomson River, just for a look at it. People out there were fishing for yellowbelly.

A sign by the road informed us that the Thomson and Barcoo Rivers join near Windorah, to form – a creek! Cooper Creek. They say it is the only place in the nation where two rivers make a creek.

We had noticed, when coming north from NSW, that the Kidman Way in that State, became the Matilda Way in Qld.

05-22-2000 start cooper creek

Matilda Highway information near Longreach. Flood debris at sign base

Refuelled Truck – 87cpl.

Later in the afternoon, we went walking along the footpaths, towards town.

Tea was broccoli soup and a Greek salad.