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2007 Travels August 28


Just messed about camp in the morning. John slept late.

After an early lunch, it was off to bowls – more serious today than yesterday’s Scroungers. John and I came second in a Pairs game and won a $20 butcher’s voucher – a useful prize.

The plan was to go to the Town Beach in the late afternoon, to settle in there and watch the moon rise, together with an eclipse of it. I wasn’t sure what effect the eclipse would have on the famed Staircase to the Moon reflections on the ocean, but we were looking forward to it.

I was outnumbered two to one, on the subject of tea, so a take away chicken was purchased, to eat during our vigil.

The chook was awful. It was too smoky to be able to see the actual moon rise. So we went back to camp and saw the eclipse from there. A bit of an anti-climax, really.

Bushfire smoke across Roebuck Bay