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1999 Travels April 17


The day was a pleasant one – sunny, with some breeze.

I drove to shops for the morning papers, then spent much of the morning reading these.

We had to be at bowls at 1pm. John had told me that this was a “social” (i.e. casual) mixed pairs game, but that I should wear my white uniform. It turned out that he had not been exactly truthful and that it was mixed pairs for a perpetual trophy called the Smith Cup – and quite a major event. There were lots and lots of competitors, and I was sure I would be out of my league. We played three games of eight ends each. We actually won all three games, though I had a very nervous start, for the first half of the first game. John played brilliantly.

So, we are now the Smith Cup trophy holders for the next year! Our names will be engraved on the Cup – but it stays at the club. Fame at last! We also got $30 each as prize money. John suspected that the prize money would have been greater, had a local won it.

04-17-1999 smith cup winners mildura.jpg

We are the winners of the Smith Cup

So now John must play at least some of the big tournament that is coming up – he will be in demand. The Club Secretary has already snaffled him up for the chook prize Pairs on Tuesday afternoon!

Some of the ladies tried to get me to commit to playing in the Ladies Tournament that is held at Merbein, whilst the Men’s is on at Mildura. No way! I shall quit while I am ahead, here. The reason we won today was that John played brilliantly – not because of my skills. I do not want my deficiencies exposed! I told them I was going to do lots of reading, courtesy of the Mildura Library.

For tea, treated ourselves to pizza from the Pizza Hut, and also bought a couple of bottles of bubbly – which we then did not open tonight.

John phoned K and left a message about our win. He also phoned his brother in law and talked briefly about it. F does not think he will come up to Mildura to bowl.

We had a rather early night – both tired, from effort and exhilaration.