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2000 Travels May 15


After breakfast, we drove out to Graves Hill fossicking area, where we had not been before. This was the location that JJ had said he’d take us out to, but the silence from that direction had been deafening!

We took a lone traveller – R -with us. He tagged along in his vehicle. His wife left to go back home, six weeks ago, so he is finishing his trip on his own, and staying near us in the park.

We drove around a bit, sussing out Graves Hill, where there seemed to be quite a lot of activity, and chose a spot to dig. Took half a drum of gravel back to the water hole at Retreat, to wash. No good. This was disheartening. We thought we’d picked an area where there seemed to be a layer of gravel, but there was no colour in what we washed. We’d had to move a layer of billy boulders from the surface, before starting to dig and that had been hard work – all for no return.

05-14-2000 fossick hole.jpg

Digging at Graves Hill. Note pile of shifted billy boulders

We gave up, after a while, and tipped out the remaining gravel.

I think R learned the methodology of fossicking for such stones, even if not the technique for actually finding same! He seemed to enjoy the companionship.

Back in town, checked for mail. I had a Mothers Day card from R – nice.

R brought us over a frozen pack of home grown chicken breasts, for taking him out today.

Tea was cold corned beef and salad.