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2013 Travels September 9


After breakfast, we headed off in car. I thought we were going to the shops to stock up before we headed inland tomorrow. So, I didn’t take the camera, unfortunately, because it turned into a part sight seeing day, of the kind I’d anticipated having in this rather lovely area.

On the way to Yeppoon, crove in and checked out the fish outlet shop at the Marina, to see what was available. The range looked good and worth a visit on our return past.

Then followed the coastline to the Mercure Golf Resort, to the north of Yeppoon. From there, John decided we’d go to Byfield – just because he saw a sign. The village of Byfield was some 40kms from Yeppoon and was partly surrounded by State Forest.

Byfield area

Passed a sign post to Red Rock Campground, in the State Forest, and drove in there to have a look. It was a very pleasant area, with some basic facilities, like toilets. On another visit, if  it was at an earlier time of the year, would be great to take Bus out there and stay. It is hard to find pleasant “bush” camp areas that allow dogs, but this was one.There were no campers at all, not surprising, given that it was very hot and dry. We were able to give dog a good run and ball throw.

Drove on through Byfield village and had a look about, hoping by now to maybe find somewhere to get lunch. Not to be – nowhere open on a Monday.

Took another side road, this time out to Nobs Pottery. Spent ages there, looking around. It was rather an alternative lifestyle place, with interesting gardens, nooks and crannies, in a rainforest setting.

They stocked lots of attractive and ususual items. I bought some earrings – silver frogs (I love frogs), and some for a future present for M. We decided to buy a pottery platter for her, as a thank-you for keeping an eye on the garden and mowing the lawns.  

The Byfield Fern only occurs in this area and is featured as an etched shape on some of the pottery, such as the platter we bought for M. I liked it so much that I bought one for me, too. We also bought two coffee mugs for Bus – too small for our every day use, but “good” ones to use for visitors. A step up from tin mugs.

Byfield Fern

Went back to Yeppoon, where John was able to buy a pie for his lunch. We did a food shop, then on the way back to Bus, bought fish from the Marina.

Today’s was a pleasant outing, though I wished I’d had the camera. Enjoyed being out and about again. We must come back here on a future trip. The scenery looks superb and I did feel cheated that I hadn’t gotten to see much of it. I’d certainly be happy to come back to this park, too.

Fish and fries for dinner.