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2000 Travels November 12


It was still windy in the morning.

Before John woke up, I walked to town to buy the Weekend Australian. It was a good walk.

After breakfast, we went for a short drive, along the coast to the south, to Red Bluff Lookout. As we left the town, could see Red Bluff looming as a rise in the distance.

From the Bluff there were good views back along the coast to the north, along the cliffs. It was a bit hazy though. We could see over the town and the river mouth. This looked as though the entrance could be rather hazardous for boats.

11-12-2000 coast nth of Kalbarri.jpg

Kalbarri coast. River mouth inlet is off to the right

The day was hotter and more humid than I would have expected.

After lunch, John went to bowls.

I read the paper and made a batch of gazpacho. I phoned V and had a good chat, mostly about Hamelin. There seem to have been some changes since their time there, but not major ones.

John had a pleasant time at bowls and won a bowls polishing cloth with the Kalbarri club logo on it.

I found out that we’d only won a $29 prize in the Lotto draw of 11/11. So much for the theory of lucky numbers!

Tea was gazpacho, and citrus stir fry pork with cashews. Nice.