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2004 Travels September 16


Today was a relatively shorter day. Yesterday, even John had conceded that over 800kms in one day would be a bit much, so we’d had two shorter stages.

Refuelled at Wagga – $1.10cpl.

We reached the Hume Highway south of Gundagai – easier driving. Again, familiar.

I had, as usual, packed a lunch for us, but at Yass, John decided he wanted to stop for something that appealed to him more. KFC! I do not like to eat chicken not cooked by me, and would have happily eaten my sandwich, but John was insistent that I have some chicken too. To demonstrate that it would not hurt me! He’d bought cajun spicy chicken, and chips. The chicken was seriously awful! We actually agreed about that! It resulted in rotten indigestion for me, through much of the night. John did not feel great, either. Served him right, but the only positive I could find was that it would be a long time before I got pressured to eat fast food chicken again.

We reached Canberra mid-afternoon.

Went into the Riverside Caravan Park at Queanbeyan, after navigating through the centre of Canberra. $20 a night.

After setting up, we walked up to the shopping centre for some oddments. It was good to get some walking into the legs again.

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1998 Travels March 7


We were out of the park by 10am, with no dramas.

Had to fuel up in Albury – 74 cpl.

Continued up the Hume Highway. It is many years since I have travelled on this, in NSW. The country was very dry, but with rolling hills and regular little towns, maintained interest. So did regular sections of road improvement works. There are plentiful passing lanes, which is very reassuring for the novice caravanner mixing it with the big trucks.

John wanted to get to today’s destination, rather than stop places and look around, so for me there are a few “another time” places noted.

John found a place in Gundagai where he could park the rig and I walked from there to a bakery a couple of blocks away and bought rolls and an apple cake each, for lunch. We ate these sitting in Truck.

Turned off the Hume Highway at Yass, onto the last stretch for Canberra. That section is very pretty, with the distant mountains, but it was all so dry. The change from broader farmland to more intensive farming and hobby type farms as we got closer to Canberra, was interesting.

I was not looking forward to navigating us through Canberra – on my past couple of visits have had a tendency to get confused by the many roundabouts. But all went ok – we travelled through the centre until I managed to get us onto Constitution Avenue and then the road to Queanbeyan. Of course, there are always roadworks in Canberra, just to confuse directions!

Going to Queanbeyan took us out of the ACT and back into NSW – it is right on the border of the two.

03-07-1998 Albury to queanbeyan.JPG

I saw a Tourist Information sign as we made our way through the main street of Queanbeyan, with a space just made for us at the front, so John was able to pull over – on short notice! I went in and quickly got some basic information material and bought a little map of Canberra and environs, for $2.

Our chosen caravan park in Queanbeyan was up quite a steady hill. The name  Crestview Caravan Park should have been a give away! With the Top Tourist discount, our powered site here cost $76 for a week. This is nicely under the budgeted amount, so pleasing. Our site was a gravel surface, rather than grass, not a very big site, but adequate. The amenities were clean and modern. I was disappointed in one respect, though. Had been looking forward to having the park  pool to cool off in, if the weather turns really hot again. But the pool was closed – apparently a major outbreak of gastro has caused all pools in the region to be shut. Damn. The pool was the main reason I chose this park.

We found that, up on the hill as we were, it was quite windy today.

We set up for an extended stay, had a cup of tea, then went to a local supermarket to stock up on some groceries. John has done very well with all the driving he has done for the past two days. His leg is somewhat sore, but bearable. So there has been significant improvement over the past couple of months.

Went for a walk around the park – it seems to be a mix of tourists and permanents, with the latter being towards the back of the park, whereas we are at the front.

Tea was tinned ham and salads.

As night fell, it got really chilly and I needed to get out the little fan heater from under the bed.

I discovered that the walk to the amenities at night time is quite magic – with wide views across to other suburbs on distant hills. Lots and lots of lights twinkling away. Wonderful.