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1999 Travels April 19


It was another pleasant sunny day.

We drove to the shops and collected my photos, which were a motley assortment taken during our time back home. At a Disposals and camping store, purchased some gaiters for John. I have some, with me, that date from my bushwalking days, but now that we are venturing north, he could do with some for when we walk. Bought bread rolls from a bakery and ate them for lunch as we went.

Visited Stanley Wines at Buronga, across the river in NSW. We were slightly put out to find that their cellar door prices for their wine casks were no cheaper than in the supermarkets.

We drove on to Wentworth. There we went out to the Perry Sandhills, west of the town. These are a large area of windblown sand dunes, dating from the last Ice Age, that are still on the move. They were impressively vast.

04-19-1999 Perry Sandhills Wentworth.jpg

The Perry Sandhills

Then we went back to the river, to go see the junction of the Darling and Murray Rivers. Having long been intrigued by the river boats era of our history, I felt some satisfaction at being at this point, which would have been such a significant one for so many river boat journeys. We walked around for a while in this area, and spotted a new bird – a lemon coloured blue cheeked rosella, which is a Murray Mallee variant.

04-19-1999 junction of Murray and Murrumbidgee Wentworth.jpg

The junction of the Darling – to left – and Murray Rivers

Lock 10 on the Murray is at Wentworth and we looked at that. It is a different one to Lock 11, in that it is at one side of a weir, not separate from it. But the operating principles are the same.

04-19-1999 Lock 10 Wentworth.jpg

Lock 10 at Wentworth. The actual lock is at the left of the weir, in shadow. The concrete section is permanent; the part to the left can be removed in floods.

We drove back via Merbein, crossing the river on a bridge not far from Wentworth and driving back south of the river. This made it a neat round trip. Drove 90 kms today.

We called in at the Library, and I borrowed two more books.

Tea was veal in lemon-herb sauce – very nice.

After tea, John phoned daughter R.