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2000 Travels November 15


Hot and windy again. I am getting the idea that this is the norm, here, at this time of year!

I walked down the street again, in the morning, just for the exercise and for something to do while John slumbered.

After breakfast, we drove to the “coastal gorges” – gorges found in the seaside cliffs to the south. These were pretty spectacular cliffs.

We drove to the most southerly first, with the idea of working our way back to town. These were the Natural Bridge and Castle Cove. From the sort of open “gorge” that is Castle Cove we viewed Natural Bridge – rather a Port Campbell like formation, as was the nearby Island Rock. The high, layered rock formations were well worth seeing, though.

11-14-2000 natural bridge.jpg

Natural Bridge

11-14-2000 island kalbarri coast.jpg

Island Rock

Then we moved a short way back to the Shell House – a sort of high bluff, very layered, and wandered about on the cliff tops.

11-15-2000 Kalbarri coast.jpg

Spectacular layered sandstone cliffs

Next was Eagle Gorge. Here we walked down a valley to a small inlet and rock ledges. There were great views of the layered sandstone rock from here.

Drove on to Pot Alley – love the name – and sat in Truck eating our lunch and taking in the views. We saw a couple of dolphins cruising past. There were lots of crayfish pot markers out, and one cray boat went past. Today was the opening of the crayfish season, and it was obvious!

11-15-2000 Pot Alley.jpg

In Pot Alley

We drove to Rainbow Valley – not far from town now – and walked the Rainbow Valley – Mushroom Rock circuit. It took us an hour and was worth doing – there were good layered sandstones of varying colours. The return part was up a little valley with lots of wrens about.  It was pleasant exercise, if a bit hot.

11-15-2000 Rainbow Valley.jpg

Rainbow Valley

Tea was the last of the gazpacho, pasta and a tomato sauce.

The RAAF helicopter went out after dark. This was dramatic, with red and blue flashing lights, spotlights, as well as the noise. They warmed up the engines first, for about ten minutes! He came back after an hour and practiced landing in the dark – not once, but several times!