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1999 Travels December 29


After breakfast, we drove to Glenorchy shops to do a stock up before New Year.

Because it is the end of the 20th century coming up, and the start of a new Millennium, there have been all sorts of dire predictions being made, for a few years now. Apart from the usual way-out ideas that attach to such occasions, there is some genuine concern about how our modern computers will handle the transition to year 2000. Personally, I do not subscribe to disaster and end-of-the-world theories, but it is possible that there might be the odd computer glitch, so it seems prudent to allow for same. Food, medications, money ,fuel, reading matter…….

I stocked up on books at the Library. At the Post Office, we collected a script for John’s Celebrex – he’d phoned before Xmas and asked our doctor to send him this. This script will see him back to Melbourne, in April. We had that filled, and other needed pills too.

Bought some more tickets for the big New Year Lotto draw. Made sure we had a good supply of cash – just in case there are bank and credit union hiccups.

Drove to Claremont and bought wine, beer and bubbly. Topped up the diesel so we have a full tank – 74cpl.

After lunch, I made vegetable and barley soup.

Tea was soup, ham and salad