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2000 Travels September 5


Another beautiful day, but each one seemed to be hotter than the previous one!

After breakfast, John went bait hunting, and fishing.

I sat in the shade – and breeze – and sewed. I thought we’d go for a walk later in the day.

After lunch, while I was back sewing again, a local girl came down from the house and struck up a conversation. She was 13; her mother was related by marriage to the people here – families get very extended in these parts! They were out from Broome for a funeral at Beagle Bay, next Saturday. That is when we are supposed to be going back to Broome, so I hope we do not get caught up in traffic to do with that.

The girl – K – goes to school in Broome. She seemed a very pleasant girl, a little shy, well spoken, as are all that we have encountered on the peninsula. She told us that she was scared in the cyclone, last summer, and her cat disappeared. We talked for over an hour. She was intrigued by my sewing. John came back from fishing and entertained her some more. He showed her his trick with an egg that won’t squash if it is held on the ends.

He’d broken the new fishing rod, trying to pull a snag off a rock. Now we are back to only one lightweight rod, again.

We went for a walk, to the north this time, past the cabins, along a small beach, then around a headland, and back. We saw spectacular low cliffs and contrasting colours with the red cliffs and bright aqua sea.

09-04-2000 10 coast at middle lagoon.jpg

The coast around from Middle Lagoon bay

K came by again, to say goodnight, just as we were about to eat tea. It was dark by then. I think she must be rather lonely and bored.

Tea was soup, steak, mushrooms.

The family whose land this is, is Japorigine – a term for the descendents of Japanese and aboriginal. This was  not uncommon back in the days when Japanese pearl divers came to Broome. There is such an intriguing mix of ethnicities in Broome! This family seems to be quite enterprising. The tourism operation here has only been set up for about four years, and they are slowly developing it. As we know from being at Honeymoon Beach, in the Kimberley, there can be many difficulties for local people trying to start a camping area from nothing.