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2000 Travels March 30


The weather today was similar to yesterday – cloudy, a bit of sun.

We shopped in the morning – basic supplies, sufficient mostly, to see us through until we get back to Melbourne.

John could resist no longer and bought the Hilti drill he’d coveted yesterday – he thought it was a great deal for $200. He also bought a fishing rod and two reels for $90, to replace a broken rod and reel.

After lunch ,went to Burnie to visit Aunt J and stayed there until 5pm. I think she was getting a bit tired by then, but she is lonely and loves company and talking about family. John fixed a cupboard door for her. She talked of being close to my dad and how he used to escort her to dances at Westbury, and the like. She told of him driving a motor bike with them both on, too fast, and how they came off on a corner – into a boxthorn hedge! She put on a traditional afternoon tea for us – savouries and cream cakes. I was pleased we made the effort to come and see her again – probably unlikely to again.

Back at camp we packed up the awning and furniture as the sky looked threatening as we were driving back from Burnie. It made for a great sunset, though, over the river.

03-24-2000 INGLIS r sunset.jpg

Sun setting over the Inglis River at Wynyard

Tea was pasta and tomato sauce.