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1999 Travels August 27


Today was another warm one.

I got up about 7.15am and went for a walk around the caravan park and nearby surrounds, for an hour. I needed the exercise.

John needed a quiet day and rested for most of it.

V phoned, in the morning. They are in Kununurra, having visited Broome, Derby, Windjana Gorge, Tunnel Creek, Geikie Gorge, Halls Creek. They have just done a couple of weeks of farm harvest work – melons and beans, to help pay for front suspension replacement on the car. She said that harvesting rock melons is hard on the hands! B may have a month of gardening work lined up. Then they plan quick visits to Darwin and parts south, to be back in Melbourne by mid October for V’s school reunion. So, I should actually see her before we sail off to Tasmania.

The gem lady phoned to say the stones were done. So we went to the bank, then to the shop to collect them. The final cost was $603, with the earring settings and work. There were 21 stones in all, including five sets of zircon earrings and one garnet set. The large dark garnet did cut very dark – there is only the occasional red flash to be seen in it. But, overall, they are beautiful things. It is fulfilling to see the products of our hard work turn out so well.

08-25-1999 our stones.jpg

Our faceted zircons and garnets, with the sets of zircon earrings in the centre

John intends to send some to sister H and friend H and he picked those out. The biggest zircon is an unusual brandy colour and I plan to have a ring made with it, one day. It is the sort of colour one would see in an Argyle diamond!

Tea was soup and toasted cheese. We were both not feeling hungry.

We decided to stay here an extra day, in order to see the final day of the PanPacs, on Sunday.

John played computer games till late.