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2002 Travels April 7


Again, we were up earlier than the family.

After breakfast, John pottered about, tidying up the paperwork he’d bundled together and brought from home. We keep an expanding file folder under the bed, for storing essential documents and papers.

I walked to the Deakin shops for the Sunday paper and some bread for lunch.

S and SIL did their house work and some gardening.

We found we couldn’t make access to our phone message bank work.

S and SIL were going to do their shopping at the Fyshwyck Markets. We followed them there – by vehicle – and joined them in browsing some of the stalls. I bought some fruit and vegies and paid for the fish that S bought for tea. It was an excellent market for produce. We bought a bottle of verdelho for them, too.

Later in the afternoon, we went for a walk with S, around the Royal Golf Course perimeter, through pine forests mostly. There were plenty of birds about. It was a pleasant walk and some more worthwhile exercise.

A couple of S’s friends called around. They have bought an ex-rental campervan to go travelling, and wanted to talk solar power and the like with us. I don’t think we know much more than they do! Then they stayed to dinner too. SIL BBQ’d some steak, as well as the fish and made a couple of vegie dishes to go with it all.

All were good company and so it was a pleasant evening.