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2000 Travels November 8


Today, for a change, we explored in the other direction from Denham, back the way we’d come in. We did not intend to visit Monkey Mia whilst here, which is the main reason tourists come here. We had done that in ’93, and fed dolphins. It was a unique experience to do once, but we feel no compulsion to do it again.

We drove to Eagles Bluff, a promontory from where one looks across the inlet to the distant next peninsula across, and the settlement of Useless Loop. The views from Eagles Bluff are entrancing, because of the different colours of the sea, and for the marine life.

11-08-2000 sea & sky Eagle Bluff.jpg

Contrasting sea colours

We watched sharks and mantas and stingrays and schools of fish below us. There were lots of cruising sharks. It was a fascinating display, enhanced by the different water colours – due to weed and rocks?

11-08-2000 eagle bluff fish schools.jpg

Schoold of fish in the water below us

11-08-2000 eagle bluff view.jpg

We ate lunch in that area, at one of the informal camping spots, overlooking the sea. It certainly would have its attractions as a camp spot, if one needed no facilities and could cope with the wind that often blows.

11-08-2000 sea contrasts.jpg

Eagles Bluff area

The young couple we’d encountered yesterday, at Big Lagoon, turned up here, and we got chatting – again! They’d gotten bogged yesterday, out near Bottle Bay. He said it was his fault – he didn’t have his tyres deflated enough. (I’d thought so!)

When we told him our plans, he proposed joining us on a drive out to Steep Point, on Friday. He wants to do it, but with the baby he wants the security of another vehicle, I think. Getting bogged must have given him a fright. He had been to Steep Point before, with some mates, but wanted to show it to his wife. We told them we would be camping at Hamelin Pool, and they could meet us there at 7.30 to 8 am on Friday morning.

After our fill of Eagles Bluff, we headed back towards  Denham, detouring down a couple of short tracks to the sea, to take in the varying views.

11-08-2000 shark bay heritage area.jpg

11-08-2000 shark bay wh area.jpg

Then decided to drive out to look at the wind turbines, and then on to the creek outlet from Little Lagoon to the sea. Little Lagoon is just north of the town.

11-07-2000 02 wind power.jpg

Back in town, at the Post Office, picked up the letter with John’s new Celebrex script, from our doctor.

Refuelled Truck – $1.23cpl.

By nightfall, it was windy again.

Tea was a bit of a mish mash. We had the last of the gazpacho. John had leftover savoury mince and pasta. I had a packet curried pasta.

A couple of days ago, a man swimming at Cottesloe Beach, Perth, was killed by a shark. This event has generated some of the most ridiculous talk-back radio I have ever heard! An appalling number of callers were asking for the systematic eradication of all sharks! Have they never heard of concepts like the food chain, ecological systems and the like? A hunt was mounted for this white pointer, but it has not been found. No doubt it has resumed its normal diet of non-human marine creatures. How many sharks are killed by man, every day?

Up in the Kimberley, a croc jumped out of the water at a man fishing in a boat, and bit his shoulder. Rather un-croc-like behavior. Most anti-social, so it has been captured and taken to a croc farm. With the early onset of the wet season up there, the croc mating and nesting season would be early too.

I will be sorry to leave Denham – another wonderful spot where we could have stayed considerably longer. I could gaze on these sea views for a long time! The whole Shark Bay heritage area is truly special. John really liked it too and reckons he could live here!

My daughter was really fortunate to live in this area for several months, in ’98.