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2000 Travels March 8


Woke to a really cold morning. I got up at 7.15am, but John slept on. Though cold, it was clearly going to be a nice day.

We were curious about the little settlements on the wild west coast itself, so decided to go see those this morning.

Drove to the coast, first, to Trial Harbour, through fairly bleak and windswept moor country. Trial Harbour did not impress as a place I would want to return to – just a collection of about a dozen shacks.

Granville Harbour, to the north, was the next destination.

However, John decided that he really wanted to tackle the 4WD Climes Track to Granville Harbour, which all the literature rated as really difficult. It is only about 25kms, but was supposed to take about three hours to do.

The track became unpleasant, quite soon, with potholes, erosion gullies, rocky sections – and we were still on the relatively easy first section! Some of the angles needed were just about tipping Truck on its side.

I felt really strongly that continuing on it was risking the Truck, beyond reason, and that we were likely to get into a situation where we’d need help to get out – but with no one else around. We disagreed over this. John was determined to continue. I got out and said I’d walk back towards Zeehan and he could pick me up on the way back – because I was sure he would have to turn back. If not, well, I was not going to be an audience to this foolhardiness!

John did turn back. He actually did not go much further beyond where I’d bailed out, before wisdom prevailed.

We took the normal road to Granville Harbour, which was another forgettable collection of fishing shacks. At least, the curiosity was satisfied.

I’d planned for today to be a circuit drive, to continue on to the Pieman River at Corinna and maybe do the river cruise if it was available. Then, the plan was to return via the Reece Dam and Rosebury. It would have been a long-ish circuit, but through interesting wilderness. However, after the couple of hours wasted on the abortive 4WD adventure, it was too late to set out on that circuit – and the mood was not good, anyway!

So, we returned to camp for what was left of the day. We drove 128kms.

03-07-2000 Zeehan camp.jpg

Caravan park at Zeehan – nice and bushy

Tea was soup, tuna and caper pasta.