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2003 Travels April 15


Got up at a reasonable time. Packing up did not take long, as we had not set up a full camp here.

Retraced our route as far as Yass, then took the road through Boorowa and Cowra. Stopped for a coffee break at Cowra and near there to buy some produce from a roadside farm stall – zucchini, squash and some very nice looking spinach.

It was a pleasant drive on a fine day that was not too cool, with some cloud in the sky.

Refuelled at the little township of Mandurama – $1.02cpl. John had been on the lookout for a servo in Cowra, but didn’t see one that was easy to pull into with the van on.

Just beyond Carcoar, took the side road to the Carcoar Dam, which turned out to be a pleasant spot to stop for lunch. From our vantage point could see a wind farm – towers on a nearby hill, about sixteen of them. It was pleasing to see clean energy generation happening.

As we travelled this way, were noting several interesting places for future visits. At this stage, with the current rig, we planned to concentrate on exploring the remote and northern parts of the country. When we can no longer cope with those areas, or need to do shorter trips, will explore closer to home, in areas such as we passed through today. So, we were “saving” those up!

That said, our present intention was a spend a few days at Bathurst, looking around that area, and at some of the Blue Mountains.

Booked into Easts Holiday Park, on the eastern edge of town – $19.80 a night, after Big 4 discount. It was a very nice park – large and clean. But there were some funny sites, with a tree in the middle of the site – this layout caused much confusion for new arrivals while we were there. We initially put the van on the wrong half of the site, and had to re-position it, with considerable difficulty, around a tree.

After setting up, with awning up and gear out, went for a short walk, mainly for the exercise. This took us up into a nearby housing estate. Then we went to Harvey Norman, which was across the road from the park, and browsed about in there for a while.

The later afternoon and evening turned really quite cold.

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