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2001 Travels September 27


Today’s outing was to the NE, along the road to Eulo, that we would take tomorrow. It was a dirt road, of course, as were all the Park roads.

We wanted to look at the ruins of the old Caiwarro Homestead. This station was adjacent to Currawinya and is also now part of the National Park.

09-26-2001 ruins caiwarro hs.jpg

Some of the ruins at Caiwarro

The Paroo forms the Corni Paroo Waterhole by the station ruins. There were more camping areas on the Paroo at this location, equally as pleasant as where we were.

09-26-2001 paroo at caiwarro.jpg

Corni Paroo Waterhole

Poking around the homestead ruins was interesting. The homestead was built in the 1880’s. There was some chimney still in place, and one could partly make out the former layout of the place.

09-26-2001 ruins.jpg

Caiwarro Homestead ruins

There were also old yards and fences, and the levee bank that was an attempt to protect the homestead area from floods.

09-26-2001 yards caiwarro.jpg

Caiwarro yards

The river at Caiwarro, though a little upstream from our camp, was wide an well-filled. Whatever country the Paroo passes through before it gets here makes the water a real clay colour.

09-26-2001 paroo.jpg

Clay coloured Paroo River

Sat by the river and had our packed lunch.

09-25-2001 stumpy.jpg

Currawinya wild life – shingleback lizard

After that exploration, it was back to camp for our last night by the river.