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2004 Travels September 17


After breakfast, we drove down to Bungendore, to the woodwork gallery there.

We had much of the day to fill in, until John’s daughter had finished work.

As before, John gained some inspiration and ideas from the gallery displays – some brilliant and creative items. But, somehow, we were not as impressed with this gallery, as last time. We were really not sure why. All I could think of was that we had seen equally good – if not better – in the wood galleries we had visited earlier this year in southern WA.

Met daughter in the park near her place, at 4.30pm. She had just collected John’s grandson from day care. Her working hours this year were more regular than usual – because she will be heading off to posting in Brussells early next year, she was currently spending all her time learning French.

The grandson – now 18 months old – had grown some hair, but was a bit wary of “strangers”. We watched him play in the park for a while. Then, back at his place, John read to him and he loosened up a bit and interacted with John. Good to see.

We had tea there – miso soup – and spent a pleasant evening with them.