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1998 Travels April 24


Today was fine, somewhat cooler, and with some cloud.

A day out in the hinterland beckoned.

We revisited the Buderim Ginger Factory and looked at all it had to offer. I decided to investigate their shares, with a view to buying some; it seems a solid, small industrial share, with growing business both from the expanding range of ginger products, and tourism. It is, of course, based on locally grown ginger. Bought a jar of pickled ginger shreds, which we had tried at M’s – yum! John bought a Bonk – a type of macadamia nut cracker. This was a real find, as we have had to resort to the block hammer to open the ones we bought, and the results of that are not great. He also bought a ginger ice cream.

In a shop at the Factory complex, there were little coin purses made out of tanned cane toad carcasses. They make an excellent little purse, with zip, but they cost $40, which was too much for me. They also had key ring tags made out of toad legs – $20. At least, some profit is being made from vermin.

After that, took a road up into the hills, to Mapleton, through very green and hilly country. The hills are steep and conical and very different to those in Victoria. There were some great lookouts along the roads we took today, with views back towards the coast.

04-24-1998 01 towards noosa from montville road.jpg

A view from the Montville road

Along the Montville road, detoured to the Kondalilla Falls National Park. Had our picnic lunch there, then walked to the Falls, through forest – all green and lush and a bit damp seeming, after yesterday’s rain. The walk was worth the effort as there was quite a lot of water going over a long drop – about 90 metres. It was very hard to get a decent angle to photograph the falls, though. It was a walk of almost 5kms, some of which involved steps – lots of steps! I encountered an agitated, thin, snake wriggling on the track. John was ahead of me and I suspect he may have walked on it, hence the agitation. He didn’t see it at all! I have no idea what type it was.

04-24-1998 03 Kondilla Falls.jpg

A little cascade and pool above the Kondalilla Falls

Drove on through Montville, another hills village, then back down the Blackall Range via Palmwoods. There were some very steep descents! It is amazing the slopes people will build on around here, but there are some houses with the most amazing views.

Some of the villages are very touristy, with antique shops and the like, and little gourmet food places. There were a number of quaint old buildings – and some more being built, too! It is certainly an area I would like to explore more thoroughly, at a later date.

Fish and chip night. We are eating a lot of fish, right now.