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2016 Travels November

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Son’s wedding a month previous had been a wonderful day, with his two children acting as attendants. They had even managed to crack a partly sunny, dry day – by no means certain in a Melbourne spring.

Springtime wedding

Since then, friend M had been wandering about in SA for a few weeks. Her travelling companions had, however, needed to head home. So…

We planned to meet up with her on the Yorke Peninsula, where we’d not been before, and spend a couple of weeks sightseeing and relaxing by the sea, there. The Driver was even prepared to sacrifice a couple of Saturdays of bowls, so we could fit this in before hot weather eventually hit Melbourne and we became tied to garden care for the summer.

Lovely in springtime but a tie in summer…

On our last trip, an intermittent revving that may have been clutch or gear-related had appeared in Bus. John had decided, in his wisdom, to wait and see if it got any worse, before taking action. Somehow, I didn’t think it was going to disappear of its own volition, but what would I know of things mechanical?

Did all the usual preparations, including moving all the potted plants into one shady area, where it would be easier for our flat tenant to water them.

I cooked up some chicken drumsticks and pork strips, to be our meals for the first three nights. Made some potato salad and coleslaw, that would pass through the quarantine checks between Mildura and Renmark.

M was going to suss out a dog friendly caravan park, by the sea and let us know what our destination would be.

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