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2016 Travels March 21

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The morning did not look all that great, weather-wise. Certainly not a day for the beach. So John and I decided to stay around town. John wanted to visit Dick Smiths for some new headphones to be kept permanently in Bus. He uses these when Couey sets up her barking when we stop at a park and I go to book in, or before we set off.

The others had some shopping they wanted to do so we went our respective ways.

In Dick Smith, bought a new phone and answering machine, for home. Ours no longer worked and the closing down sale price was good. Then M and C arrived at the shop. M was looking at new mobile phones. Hers was an old one that was not holding charge for long and for which batteries were no longer made.

Refuelled the Terios, then headed for the Regional Art Gallery. This proved hard to find, being temporarily housed elsewhere. Eventually, with the assistance of a nice lady from the Library, we found our way in. Had just missed the exhibition of VCE works of local students, which would have been interesting, but I was intrigued by the textile art displays. I could recognize the creativity and amount of work that had gone into making these, but there is a little part of me that does not see the point. Why not just paint a picture or take a photo? As one who makes quilts from geometric shapes, I know this is not really logical, but still… I think I am a Philistine as far as the creative arts are concerned.

John found the woodwork pieces that were on display of interest, and got chatting with another viewer, about these.

After the Gallery, retrieved dog from the car and walked around the Port of Sale, where there were a number of small boats tied up. The waterfront area here has been made really pleasant. Dog was very interested in the water – and kept on a very firm lead!

Port of Sale

Then, as it had begun to rain, it was off to the main shopping street, so John could get a bread roll for his lunch. He encountered our friend D, from Yarram, there – and then I saw J, so we stopped for a chat.

Back to Bus for lunch. M and C went off to explore the Hollands Landing area to the east. John had  to put some work in on the Bowls Club web site, so we had an “in” afternoon. I did some quilt work, and read.

Sale site

When M and C got back, they said it had really not been an interesting drive, or place to visit, and we had not missed anything.

The usual late afternoon session, followed by steak for tea. It was the Foster butcher’s steak – tender and tasty.

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